Mountainside Wellness offers both dynamic and traditional strength training programs.  To have the best experience possible, plan to arrive early to get set up, select appropriate weights, and fill out a waiver if its your first visit.  Wear good, supportive shoes and bring a water bottle.

HIIT Conditioning

Using suspension training systems, kettlebells, BOSU, and other small fitness equipment, we'll train your entire body in a dynamic movement workout.  We add in short cardio HIIT intervals to maximize your output.   All levels welcome.

Suspension Training

Need your workout fix, but don't have a lot of time? A 30-minute power-packed suspension training workout!  Smaller class size makes this a great opportunity for new clients to check out suspension training!
Total Body Conditioning at Mountainside Wellness

Weights at Mountainside Wellness


Lock and Load

Use barbells the smart way - as PART of a strength training program that includes dumbbells and body weight resistance, too. Instead of doing 100s of reps, we'll do fewer with more weight! You'll get the best of stable barbell work AND some dynamic work in every workout.

Lifting Weights at Mountainside Wellness